EMP Wants YOU!


Give us your desperate, your jilted, your lonely masturbating masses … your scorned and repulsive rejects yearning for acceptance!

EMP Collective is hitting the nation’s capital with a heaping dose of heartache, alienation, and good ol’ fashioned cardiac stompings this February 2011 with (…and you’re just not good enough).

EMP unites artists from across the country, blurring the divides between film, theatre, music, dance, and the visual arts. (…and you’re just not good enough) is a collaborative, multimedia art show where artists are invited to tear apart our deep-seated need for acceptance and uncover what it means to have your guts ripped out of your torso, thrown on the ground, and left for feral cats to gnaw on.

Previously devised works, developing works, and new proposals for this show are being accepted through November 15, 2010.

EMP Collective is passionate about artist collaboration, transforming local spaces, and bringing new, diverse art to new and diverse audiences. We’ve previously collaborated with writers, poets, musicians, actors, dancers, clowns, filmmakers, photographers, installation artists, and painters to create provocative, entertaining, and social art events and want to do so with YOU.

Want to get in on the action on another level? EMP is also looking to collaborate with local directors, designers, and production geeks. Email: info@empcollective.org

And remember — EMP LOVES YOU.

Kiss and tell,
EMP Collective